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? Bahamas destination wedding

Hi! My fiance and I would like to get married in Nassau and we have lots of
questions. We would appreciate any advice or info you would be willing to
give. We are interested in an all-inclusive resort for our honeymoon, but
need to have the ceremony/reception in a place where children will be
permitted to attend because we are inviting our families. Does anyone have
experience with the CAble beach Radisson? They allow kids and also offer an
all-inclusive option, although we may move to an adult resort once the
honeymoon starts. We are trying to make it affordable for our families as
well, so any money saving tips will help. We are considering Feb or April. Do
you know when high season is? How warm is it there in Feb? How warm is the
water in Feb? Thanks! :)

bahamas destination wedding


At 4:19 PM, Anonymous Jon Schrieber said...

I went to the Cable Beach Radisson in September of 1998. Saw several weddings. They seem to do the ceremony down by the beach, take pictures around the grounds, which are pretty, and have a dinner outside, which was somewhat private. We did not go with kids, but saw plenty of them at the resort and they weren't a problem. There is a small kids club on one side of the beach with places for kids to climb around and stuff, but it looked like it was aimed at fairly young kids. We did see staff eating lunch with groups of older kids and they looked to be well behaved and supervised. We don't have any kids and usually choose places without them, so I was pleasantly surprised that the presence of kids wasn't really noticeable to me, but they were around. I assume this means they were generally happy.

There are several restaurants which were pretty good. We liked the Bahamian restaurant, but the food there was kind of adventurous for our mid-western friends. The italian restaurant was good, but service was SLOW. It was notable because service at the resort otherwise was excellent. And even though we were there in September it was full. The buffets are pretty typical, but nicely kept. The japanese steakhouse was similar to the chain types of things in america. There wasn't much lobster or really special stuff on the menus, but plenty of good steak, shrimp, seafood and such. The mexican restaurant was least impressive, but the fajitas and chips and stuff were fine, again, very americanized.

One thing that worked well for us is that our fussy, non-drinking friends enjoyed the place on a cheaper budget, non all-inclusive basis and we enjoyed the benefits of being all-inclusive. If you are trying to coordinate different desires for the wedding, I would see this as a plus, particularly if you have people that prefer to sleep through breakfast, not eat much for lunch, not drink much or whatever. It was never a problem even though we ate together, we each just signed for everything as a couple and they said their bill was correct.

The room was clean. Our friend was pregnant and had hurt her foot. They got a handicapped room on the first floor which made life much easier for them. We weren't happy with our first room (no king bed, which had been guaranteed by our travel agent)  and they switched us without too much trouble, though the view in the next room wasn't great, but we were there relatively early and just wanted to settle in.

As for price, we went with a large, national travel agent and feel like we didn't get a great price. Our friends did much better themselves and also being non-all inclusive (note tastes mentioned above and despite friend being pregnant, she is never a big eater and they happily split meals and don't drink much other than water). I think if we had shopped around a bit more we would have found a better all-inclusive price, but time was a luxury we didn't have.

Timing, my best guess is that February is high season and April is shoulder season, meaning April might be cheaper. But that really varies by resort. I do think the Radisson has a web page as well where you can check their advertised rates.

In my own tastes, I would go somewhere more secluded and quiet for my honeymoon. The grounds and pools were nice, the beach was plenty big for the resort and there were water toys at the Radisson. There were a few hammocks around and such, but really, it didn't make it on the private romantic scale for me. This is definitely personal taste though. They had decent night life and a honeymoon game one night and other things that people on their honeymoon would like. I personally would go to one of the smaller Bahamas islands to get away alone and do some scuba diving (though there is good diving off the other side of New Providence and the operators have shuttles that take you from hotel to dive boat). While I appreciate the amenities of a large american style resort, I wanted something more Caribbean and smaller for my own honeymoon. YMMV.



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