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A better social security system

On Sun, 31 Oct 1999 17:30:36 -0600, "John K. Taber"

         All did seem to go well   In process of recovery now. and just got rid of a  huge  bandage   which among other things, makes it possible to see better what I am trying to read and or type here.

         Have been monitoring the soc retirement and soc senior issue gps  but not posting much lately here..      Netcom just went through a big transition to MindSpring. Lots of problems and have spent quite a bit of time working on  problems related to that. So made some posts there.

          Have seen a couple or "sordo" posts over in MindSpring. Along with some of the sci econ people like Mason and Grinch. But haven't seen any from J.Chamblee . etc.

         Recall when you announced your retirement as a Social Security &nbs! p;- Medicare freedom fighter (or equivalent) and an intent to write essays etc.  At that time, I too decided to at least "semi retire" from the SS - Medicare wars.

          After years of fighting, it just seemed like we are wasting away our retirement years trying . hoping the Concord Coalition will not be able to get the Congress and the President to do bad things  relative retired people.    

--------------------- ----------------------

          Things really seem a lot better this year, so hope that I can stay "semi retired". The following expands that concept (things seem better).

        (1)  Concord Coalition a "little better" but still not good.

        The Concord Coalition has gotten quite a bit better relative Social Security. I do not see the constant push for SS means test so prevalent ! just over a year or so ago.      But they still need w atching per my Medicare quote in the other thread.where they continue to push for Medicare means testing. And what appears to be a continue effort to try to stir up the young. And try to undermine the SS  -Medicare systems. (Including a  "college  recruitment quote" in the appendix.

         (2)  The President's plan looks good.

          The President's basic plan as was originally stated last year and  extended this year looks like a  good one.  After I began to understand what the idea was it looked better and better and can help us retire from the SS - Medicare wars.

             Although SS funds "should"  be safe regardless of what happens with the funds provided, the psychology helps a lot. Plus the idea of helping SS and Medicare even with some of the non SS surplus is a good one.    Hard to i! mage a better thing to do than help make sure that the younger people will be able to receive  their benefits.  Provided they themselves don't panic and thereby self fulfil  the  Concord prophesies.

          Most likely there is little (even though some problems), wrong with the system. But once the government seems willing to back up the system even with real surplus dollars (just in case), things are really on a good track.

         So I will complement the President on that. That is hard for me to say , because of what he did in Spain when he supported the bad U.S Senators in accordance with the Concord Coalition's Medicare Means test push . in 1997.     Even after the President specifically said otherwise prior to the 1996 election. -------------------

         (3) &nb! sp;The Republicans are looking good.

        & nbsp;    What is even more amazing, is that the Republicans seem to be doing the right thing too

           . With or without various rhetoric, they are supporting the "save SS first (and hopefully Medicare too ), idea .              Heard it on the "radio" a few weeks ago as to how they might even be "better"  than the Dems on that (saving the money for SS etc.).   . That is the first time I heard the Repubs getting credit  for doing the right thing since I first became aware that there was even a difference.   But they have done the right thing at times even if they did not get as much credit as deserved. Such as when Newt said "no" to the Senator's who were Coalition puppets in 1997 ( means test, cpi, etc).. ------------

           (4)  Much better "confidence" . People tired of S! S War.        

           I can see that with a number of posts by James .Larson in 5 political gps in addition to soc retirement,  and now soc sr issues.    No response whatsoever in the 5 political gps except for one minor response.

              No responses here either except for one in soc sr issues and   when you seem to have come out of your retirement from the wars to respond to his post.  Plus  decided to come out of my "semi retirement" from the war to add to your post.  Maybe - maybe not J.L will listen to us.. .   --------------

         (5)   Things look better relative US internal SS wars..

          Maybe the US.is ready to stop it's self destruction caused  in part by the Concord Coalition and U.S Senators plus some other gps in their anti ! retired and anti upper middle class attacks.  

           Who end up getting  hatred between the various gps being stirred up .

          Young vs old. everyone vs baby boomers, poor and rich against mid to upper  middle class.  Repubs vs Dems.  Men vs Women,   Race including  blacks and  Spanish  against others, and even States like  Northeast vs California, Texas, etc.    And the list could go on and on and on.   So much resentment.

          Yes it is good that the President and Congress might have finally put a stop to that?

          And yes,   I would like to retire from the SS - Medicare wars.     Not that many years yet to go before the " tomb".

---                  So: Three cheers:

             To the Republicans (if they really m! ean taking care of SS and Medicare as something important to them as they seem to).

             To the  President for coming up with his plan to help out SS and Medicare even if it meant using some non SS Medicare dollars to do it at least as backup..  

             To the retirement SS  - Medicare freedom fighters who would like to retire.

            May we all (both young and old),  be able to work, then  retire , and  then go to our "tombs", without having to constantly worry about  " who" or "what"  the elected officials might be listening to.

----------------- ----------------



          They indicate one of the major problems of social security  to be the lack of confi! dence with the young.  Turns out that is one of the few things I not only agree with them on but had emphasized quite a bit a few years back.

         . But the lack of confidence is inspired largely due to their own  propaganda.    They are now telling college kids that they are trying to recruit - and or influence that will have big tax increases later on etc.   .             Have continued to notice that they do not seem to be pushing the Social Security means test nearly as much as they did before the debates last year where they were co chairs with the AARP for the Presidential debates. That is good.

            But there is still lots of inter generational and class warfare hatred that they stir up,  as evidenced by the outreach program Q and A,  and the Medicare means test push which I listed in response to your question about whether or not to respond to the anti SS posts etc.

    &! nbsp;      So :  Maybe we can retire in peace and quite for a while.   But  maybe we need to wake up every now and then,  and try to not let the  US end up being run by the Coalition.

          The following is a partial quote plus some BB comments. Looks a little bit like what J.Lanson has been discussing. Appears to be an "influence" on him.

          Be sure to visit the Concord Coalition web page. There are lots of interesting things which are factual.  Less and less propaganda. But there is still some (propaganda)  there, as shown below.  This has been selected as an  example of that. .

            And that is part of what makes it hard for a SS  - Medicare freedom fighter to completely retire.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----- PARTIAL QUOTES &n! bsp; from Concord Coalition Web page The Concord Coalition's Youth O utreach Campaign

"There is an important debate that is getting underway in Washington - and for the most part, young people's voices are not being heard."


   BB COMMENT Snipped  all the items except for the youth  quiz where all answers are supposed to be "b".

        Discussion about "crisis" , overwhelm, and 76 million baby boomers etc.

       No mention that this is "not" a crisis (even if some consideration could be in order). No mention about how the 76 Million baby boomers look big because we (depression babies) are so small.      Mentions:  ""Does the social contract need to be enforced as is, or rewritten? " . That in the past was a code phrase for urging people to ask Congress to not honor it's commitments.

snip --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----- !

BB COMMENT  (A quiz to recruit young people). And also an insight into some of the J.L efforts even if the particulars of the J.L efforts appear to be his own doing)..

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